Hubei Capao Plastics Co., Ltd.

Hubei Capao Plastics Co., Ltd. was established in August 2015 in Hubei Xiaogan, with a total investment of 0.18 billion yuan. The company has its own brand of "fresh fruit music. The company is committed to carrying forward the spirit of craftsmen and focusing on providing safe, hygienic, environmentally friendly and innovative food-grade packaging containers. At present, the products include fruits and vegetables, baked cakes, fresh food, dried fruits, tea and other food packaging containers. With an annual planned production capacity of 30000 tons and an output value of more than 0.3 billion, the production base is located in Hanchuan City, Xiaogan, Hubei Province. in order to achieve cross-regional rapid response and cooperation, the company has set up a subsidiary in Beijing.

The company has passed a number of management system certifications such as ISO9001, ISO14001 and GRS, and has reached a strategic partner with Changcai Consulting Group for lean production management. Obtain Hubei specialized fine special new enterprise, AAA grade credit enterprise and many other honorary certificates. In order to ensure product quality and full chain service advantage system, the company plans to build a 300000-level GMP purification production workshop, laboratory, mold factory. The total area of the workshop is 50000 square meters, including 5000 square meters of medical grade 10,000 purification workshop, 10000 square meters of food grade 100,000 purification workshop and 35000 square meters of warehouse. In cooperation with a research institute in Hunan, a new material research and development center was established to jointly develop new materials in this subdivision. Set up a mold design and processing center to achieve rapid production and research and development support!

hubei kepo plastic co., ltd. has been adhering to the "high quality! short delivery time! low cost!" The business philosophy, in the beautiful scenery, convenient transportation of the Han River, all of us with an honest, enthusiastic, dedicated, innovative attitude, welcome every customer's patronage, cooperation, win-win!

2015 Year

Company establishment

1.8 billion

Total investment

3 million tons

Annual planning capacity

3 billion

annual output value

30 Ten thousand

GMP purification production workshop


Total workshop area

  1. Best seller

    Independent packaging box design, to customers more portable new experience

  2. Yan value

    Exclusive design packaging, let the fruits and vegetables more beautiful on the grade

  3. Save money

    Reduce fruit and vegetable losses by 32% to avoid consumer picking

  4. Fresh-keeping

    Antioxidant, antibacterial, anti-collision, special lock fresh rate 35% higher than peers

  5. Environmental protection

    Using environmentally friendly materials, fruit eating more at ease

Best seller
Yan value
Save money
Environmental protection


Boutique fresh packaging solution service provider

Our fruit and vegetable packaging box not only has good insurance effect, minimizes the loss of fruits and vegetables, avoids secondary pollution, but also is environmentally friendly and degradable, and can be recycled.


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